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Top Selling Meat Products


Meat World the Quality Meat Market and Butchery

Meat World is a wholesale and retail butchery franchise placing strong emphasis on providing the best quality meat at the lowest prices.

Opening of a shop in Springs 16 years ago was a first small step towards success.

Today 10 Meat Worlds not only provide customers with the best personalized service on the market but also produces a variety of top quality processed products at their own factory.  We are a unique concept in South Africa when it comes to succeeding in meeting the needs of large and small scale buyers.

There is a bulk section where customers can buy a whole lamb, pork or a beef hind quarter.  A butcher is available to cut and pack the meat according to the requirements of the customer.  We value the personal communication between the butcher and the customer.  This rule enables the customer to tell the butcher exactly how he wants the meat cut. A pre-packed section is also available for customers comfort.  The deli and gourmet counters have a large variety of marinated and fresh cut meat. Meat World also caters for restaurants and portion- controls meat and vacuum packs it for the restaurants and the catering industry.

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